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Store Hours: Open 7 Days a Week 9am - 5pm

Cafe Hours : Open Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

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Pansy Plants, Pies, Pastries, 

Produce, Gifts, Furniture, Wall Art, Candles, 

Spring Gardening Items, Pottery

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Daily Soups & Specials For the Week of April 25


Club Wrap - ham, turkey, bacon, american cheese, L, T & garlic mayo $8.25

BBQ Chicken Sandwich on a Hard Roll w/ bacon, cheddar, L, T & ranch $8.25

Soups:Spicy Chicken & Rice OR Cheddar Broccoli


Greek Veggie Wrap - L, T, O, cucumbers, green peppers, black olives, feta cheese & greek dressing $6.95

Steak Fajita Wrap w/ cheddar, lettuce, sauteed onions & peppers, salsa & sour cream $7.25

Soup: French Onion


Chicken Salad on a Croissant w/ L, T & cheddar $7.25

Homemade Chili served w/ a dinner roll 

12oz. $3.95  16oz. $4.95

Soup: White Pasta Fagoli


Turkey Salad Wrap w/ L, cheddar, apple slices & cranberry mayo $7.25

Grilled Chicken Ceasar Wrap w/ L, T, parmesan cheese $ ceasar dressing $7.25

Soup:Chicken Tortellini


Crab Salad on a Croissant w/ L & T $7.25

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap w/ L, T & blue cheese dressing $7.95

Home Fries $2.25 

Soup: Split Pea w/ ham

Our Shaker Heritage

Shaker Shed Farm, Market & Café takes its name from the Shakers, a historical religious sect that broke off from the Quakers in England, moved to the American colonies and settled in the Watervliet area. Called Shakers because they literally shook their upper bodies during worship, they established a dozen settlements throughout New York and New England in the late 1700s. There were 87 members of the Watervliet community by the turn of the 19th century.

Family owned and operated

Fast forward to about 1935. That’s when Paul Coleman and his brothers bought land that was previously owned by the Shakers. After Paul’s brothers left the business, he and his nephew kept on farming the property.

Paul married Helen Norris, whose family owned a chicken farm on Albany Shaker Road. Their daughter Bridget married David Brizzell, who decided to sell pansies off a roadside wagon in 1974.

Today, the 10-acre farm - which includes a fruit and vegetable store, a café and 11 greenhouses – is operated by their children Laura Lind and Benjamin Brizzell. Like their parents, they are committed to exceptional customer service and outstanding quality.

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